Author, researcher, and genealogist Sherry Monahan loves the past. She truly believes that knowing our past only makes us better. Through her books, research, and genealogy Sherry can open your eyes to a life that once was.

Whether we have famous relatives, sinister ones, or ordinary ones, we all have pasts. Knowing who we’re descended from, no matter who they were, can give us a sense of pride.

Sherry combines her love of writing, researching, and history in her books and her quest to uncover the past.

Writing Victorian-era non-fiction books and articles allows her to share those passions with readers who want to know more about a town, event, or person.

Researching and offering genealogy services allows Sherry to express her passions by assisting others in their quest for greater knowledge of the past.

Are you ready to discover your ancestry?

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