Research and Genealogy

(All come with detailed reports, image copies, and source citations via email).


We offer a variety of services to help you find your ancestors and to discover their past as well as yours. You may simply want to know where your relatives came from or you might want to know all the details about them, like where they lived and their occupations. You may want to turn those results into a book or movie trailer to share with other family members.

We also specialize in tracing pioneer ancestors who ventured into the Victorian West. Did they go by covered wagon or by train? Knowing how to determine that can have a huge impact on your search.

Take some time to review all the services we offer and then let us know how we can help.



  • We can create physical books about your family history that can include genealogy details and photos and recipes (you provide)


Wake and Johnston County, N.C.

  • Record retrieval: We can research and/or retrieve records from these locations
  • Grave locations and photographs: We can visit a grave or church to locate death details from a grave in these areas. We can also take photographs and email them to you. Some other areas may also be covered, so please email about locations



Sherry charges $45 per hour for most of her services. Additional fees for parking, copies of documents, postage, etc. will be billed at their actual costs. Please choose one of the services above to see additional details.

Once you decide which service(s) you want and how much you want to spend, a 50% deposit is required. Final payment is due upon completion of the work.

Sherry is happy to offer a free 30-minute phone assessment consultation with you first. Please note there is no guarantee of what will be found. Genealogists don’t just get paid for their results, but for the time it takes to do the research.



Sherry adheres to the code of ethics set forth by the Association of Professional Genealogists.


What We Don’t Do

Sherry does not offer private investigator services, such as looking for missing persons or tracking cheating spouses. If you want her to find someone they need to be six feet under!