Sherry and Arizona state historian Marshall Trimble team up to share their vast knowledge of the American West. Their show is one of the premier shows in the Cowboy Spirit USA series, where you can ride along to learn a little and laugh a little. They’ll offer up little-known nuggets, recipes, wisdom, and who knows what else! No subject is off the table and the ride may get a little wild, so buckle up and hold on. The shows are listed below with the newest being first. Feel free to share with one and all.


Episode 23: Camels in the Wild West

Episode 22: Entertainers and Boom Town Belles

Episode 21: Arizona History Nuggets

Episode 20: Famous Mixologists of the Old West

Episode 19: Feminine Hygiene & Birth Control on the Frontier

Episode 18: California’s Gold Rush

Episode 17: Trash Talk

Episode 16a: Bonus: National Day of the Cowboy

Episode 16: Mountain Men

Episode 15: Prairie Fever

Episode 14: Saloons of the Old West

Episode 13: Those B-Westerns

Episode 12: Cost of Goods on the Frontier

Episode 11: Cattle Drives

Episode 10: Mail-Order Brides

Episode 9: Oral Hygiene and Dentists

Episode 8: Madams and Prostitution on the Frontier

Episode 7: Pioneer Products We Still Use Today

Episode 6: Frontier Women, the Gentle Tamers of the West

Episode 5: Frontier Medicine, Doctors, and Addictions

Episode 4: Hollywood Myths

Episode 3: Food on the Frontier

Episode 2: Life in a Mining Town and Its Hazards

Episode 1: Introduction: Where Myths and Mysteries of the Frontier Get Revealed