The Marshal and the Madam Podcast Episode 11: Cattle Drives

Listen to the Sherry and Marshall as they share some fun history about the iconic western cattle drives. They share chuckwagon stories, cowboy vernacular, wrangler life, and a story about a chuckwagon cook who lost his clothes to a cow. This show's lagniappe includes a recipe for fruit cobbler.

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The Marshal and the Madam Podcast Episode 2: Mining Show Recipe

Life in a mining camp was exciting, frustrating, and dangerous. Men worked in treacherous conditions beneath the towns of Virginia City, Nevada, Tombstone, Arizona, and hundreds of others place across the west. Listen as Sherry and Marshall discuss this and other topics related to the miners, the towns where they lived, what they ate and drank, and more. The podcast includes this tasty recipe that the miners enjoyed on the frontier.        

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