This quaint, picturesque N.C. community has an interesting history. For years it was a rural hamlet with a nearby pond, simply called Log Pond. It later became Apex and the pond was eventually drained in the name of progress. Apex appeared on the map because of coal fields in Chatham County. The coal companies needed to get their coal to Raleigh, and around 1870 the Chatham Railroad was chugging along, right by Log Pond. It officially became Apex when they got a post office. Apex put the railroad to use immediately and shipped lumber, tar, turpentine, and pitch.


Early on, Apex passed some ordinances that one might find in the Wild West including those dealing with whiskey, gambling, and prostitution! Apex suffered two fires in the early 1900s, but its residents persevered and Apex’s small town charm is still enjoyed today.


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