Ever wonder why whiskey was the spirit of the American West?


Packed with more than 120 recipes inspired by Tombstone's historic eateries and adapted for the modern home cook

California Madams

Meet some notorious women from California's history

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About Sherry Monahan

Sherry’s writing passion is historic food, spirits, people, and places. As an author and culinary historian she also loves to delve into the genealogy of food and beverages from all over the U.S. Traveling the globe allows her to experience food and beverages from other cultures as well. What people eat and drink tells a lot about them and their past, present, and future.

About Shaken in 2020, But Not Stirred

Drinks, humor, and uplifting stories to get you through any calamity. The year 2020 seemed like an apocalyptic nightmare or something ripped out of tabloid magazines.

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