Signature Dishes of America: Recipes and Culinary Treasures from Historic Hotels and Restaurants

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Published by: Globe Pequot Press
Release Date: October 2023
Pages: 256
ISBN13: 978-1493072644

America’s chefs and cooks have reveled in serving meals to their customers since this country’s early beginnings, creating their own recipes based on available ingredients, creativity, or at the request of others. Some took humble home recipes and made them into their signature specialties, many of which have become synonymous with certain hotels and restaurants in America. These culinary treasures are household names, but their true origin has slipped back into history.


Signature Dishes of America captures nearly 100 of these well-known dishes and their origins. Foods like Eggs Benedict, Green Goddess Dressing, and Hot Browns were created decades ago and remain mainstays in our culinary world today. Discover the story behind Los Angeles’ Brown Derby’s Cobb Salad, whose recipe was created by a hungry owner, or how an old pie recipe discovered in an antique drawer became a favorite at the Golden Lamb restaurant. This collection of recipes and their background is a tasty way to share American food history and culture.