The Cowboy’s Cookbook

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Published by: TwoDot
Release Date: August 3, 2015
Pages: 160
ISBN13: 978-1493010677


Recipes and Tales from Campfires, Cookouts and Chuck Wagons.

In this book you’ll find everything from chuckwagon recipes to dutch-oven favorites for your own campfire. The Cowboy’s Cookbook features recipes, photos, and lore celebrating the cowboy’s role in the shaping of the American West. From songs sung around the campfire after hearty meals of steak, beans, and skillet cornbread to the recipes you’ll need to recreate those trailside meals in your own kitchen, this book will get you in touch with the spirit of the Old West.


“Cowboy and open-fire cooking has moved off the cattle trail and into the popular realm for backyard cooks and aficionados of the Western lifestyle alike. The Cowboy’s Cookbook, the latest from Sherry Monahan, president of the Western Writers of America, adds detailed information mined from 19th century narratives and other historical sources along with recipes that are sure to become standards for readers’ own campfires. There are recipes for stewed chicken, elk steak, and squash cakes as well as classics like biscuits.

Historical vignettes give context to the dishes. Among my favorites are the stories on Dog Face, the chuck wagon cook (AKA the cookie) of the CA Bar Ranch in Colorado Country, Texas, lauded for his pit-cooked ‘bean-hole beans.’ Also of note is the tale of Jack Hall, a cowboy who turned out to be a woman when forced to reveal herself in 1899. Teddy Roosevelt makes an appearance. These tales imbue The Cowboy Cookbook with a richness that will have readers relishing the recipes all the more. A section on cooking terminology and cowboy vernacular of the era at the front of the book is a nice touch too, giving readers a foundation from the get-go.”
-José R. Ralat, Cowboys & Indians magazine

“True West magazine’s ‘Frontier Fare’ columnist and Western Writers of America President Sherry Monahan has recently published The Cowboy’s Cookbook: Recipes and Tales from Campfires, Cookouts and Chuck Wagons. From the fact-filled anecdotes and tales of cooking on the open range, Monahan’s latest history-cookbook that you’ll love to use is a must have for Dutch Oven aficionados and wannabe ‘cookies’ who want to cook and bake their way across time and history. You’ll soon be throwing words around your kitchen like ‘Jamoka,’ ‘Gouch-hook,’ ‘Long-sweetenin’, ‘Sinkers,’ and ‘Splatter dabs,’ all the while trying to figure out how many of your friends you’ll be inviting over to the ‘Growler’ for a ‘Grub-pile.’ I think I’m going to use her old-fashioned Cowboy Thanksgiving to plan my family feast at our ‘Hacienda’ this year. Maybe you will too!
-Stuart Rosebrook, True West magazine