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The Marshal and the Madam Podcast Episode 3: Food on the Frontier

In this show the Marshal and the Madam discuss the foods eaten in towns and on the cattle trails across the frontier. Marshall also treats you to his usual colorful stories, while Sherry shares her culinary historian knowledge. They also discuss some food oddities and share some fun stories about little know dishes like the Hangtown Fry and Son of a Gun Stew. The podcast includes this tasty recipe that what created by Harvey House chefs.

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The Marshal and the Madam Podcast Episode 2: Mining Show Recipe

Life in a mining camp was exciting, frustrating, and dangerous. Men worked in treacherous conditions beneath the towns of Virginia City, Nevada, Tombstone, Arizona, and hundreds of others place across the west. Listen as Sherry and Marshall discuss this and other topics related to the miners, the towns where they lived, what they ate and drank, and more. The podcast includes this tasty recipe that the miners enjoyed on the frontier.        

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New Podcast Series

I'm happy to announce that I've partnered with a fellow western writer and friend to start a new Podcast series. Marshall Trimble and I will host a podcast every week where we have fun discussing all things about the American frontier. Check out the new page to learn more about the series and find a link to all the episodes.

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