The Marshal and the Madam Episode 9: Oral Hygiene and Dentists

In this show, the marshal and the madam discuss the products, procedures, and details of how pioneers cared for their teeth. It's shocking how we still use many of the same products and treatments from over 100 years ago! You would think with advances in technology we would have progressed further... This show's lagniappe includes a recipe for tooth powder.    

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The Marshal and the Madam Episode 6: Frontier Women, the Gentle Tamers of the West

Tune into this episode to hear the Marshal and the Madam discuss frontier women, who were the gentle tamers of the west. The Madam discusses their influence included sophistication, churches, schools, and beautification of the American frontier. Marshal talks about women on the trails, Mary Kidder Rak, and Nellie Cashman.   This podcast includes a recipe served at Nellie Cashman's Russ House.

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The Marshal and the Madam Podcast Episode 5: Frontier Medicine, Doctors, and Addictions

In this episode, Sherry and Marshall discuss frontier doctors, medicines and miracle cures, addiction, natural and native healing herbs, and diseases of the frontier Army. Marshall discusses the dueling doctors of Hangtown and Sherry shares the story of a woman was beat her addiction. This podcast includes an old West remedy recipe.

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The Marshal and the Madam Podcast Episode 2: Mining Show Recipe

Life in a mining camp was exciting, frustrating, and dangerous. Men worked in treacherous conditions beneath the towns of Virginia City, Nevada, Tombstone, Arizona, and hundreds of others place across the west. Listen as Sherry and Marshall discuss this and other topics related to the miners, the towns where they lived, what they ate and drank, and more. The podcast includes this tasty recipe that the miners enjoyed on the frontier.        

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Picking up a Story I Started in 2008

It's odd being an author in the respect that you never know when and where your next book idea will come from. I often find my stories while I'm researching another.   Back in 2008 I was working on a book about Victorian women in the Wild West and came across an 1886 book by a woman only known as E.M.H. That book has led me on a journey to tell her story about coming to America as a rich English socialite. Ethel grabbed my attention back then, but then other books were pushed to the front of the deadline pile.   Truth be told, I was offered contracts for other books, where I had none with Ethel. However, I believe things happen when they are supposed to, and now it's Ethel's time. I still have no contract for her yet, but I've evolved as a writer since I first began in 1997, and think it's the right time for [...]

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