When the Flu Hits an Author

The commitment I made to myself of trying to blog at least once a week, has been really hard since I have tonsillitis and the flu! While in Denver, despite being sick, my friend Mary and I visited the historic mining town of Georgetown. We also stopped at Buffalo Bill’s grave site along they way.


Ever since coming back on Feb 3, I’ve been sick. My brain is mush and I can’t think straight. You know that filter that prevents you from saying things you shouldn’t? Well, my is malfunctioning. So, I’ve been taking it easy and playing with family genealogy. I learned that I have way more Dutch in me that I knew. Several of my ancestors on my mom’s side were from the Netherlands. I’m mostly descended from English immigrants, but there’s also German, French, and Irish. Yep, a true American mutt who likes to write about her country’s Western history.

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