A Titanic Connection

I’ve been battling a relapse of the flu, but feel better today. I’ve been working on Ethel, but not pushing to hard. Every morning I hear her say, “I’m waiting…”

One highlight of this week was a new necklace. Not just any necklace, but a close match to one that was stolen or lost ten years ago! My neighbor makes one of a kind custom jewelry and agreed to try it. Today, I got the finished project. The photo on the top here is the one she made and the one below is the original I had.


The cool story about the necklace I had ten years ago is that it was an exact replica of one that was found in a purser’s bag in the Titanic wreckage. My husband bought it for me when the exhibit came through. I tried various time to contact the exhibition people, but no one bothered to contact me back.

So, after ten years, I have a replica of a replica of a necklace that was on-board the Titanic.

Oh, and by the way, there is an Ethel connection! The ship that first brought her to America was the Britannic. Guess who the second officer was? Edward Smith, yes, the Edward Smith who became the captain of the Titanic!

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