Island Vibes

I have to say that I worked pretty hard before we left for the Turks and Caicos, but once we landed I could feel the island vibes. Gorgeous turquoise waters, white sands, warm breezes, and rum punches were waiting! It was wonderful being back at Grace Bay on Providenciales (everyone calls it Provo for short).  I learned some fun island lingo from Turks Head Brewery and my fav is “I Ain Ga Lie.” At first I didn’t get it, “Iangalie? A person’s name?” Nope–think island life, “I Ain’t Gonna Lie!”


Needless to say that became one of the theme slogans for the week. I even titled my Trip Advisor review that. So, the picture here is of the lager beer and grouper fish and chips and Mudjin Harbor on Middle Caicos. On a side note, I need to write a few best-sellers so I can buy Prince’s villa on Provo. It went up for sale while we were there…


It’s been tough trying to get back into my writing life especially since I turned in my Frontier Fare columns early. My next deadline is May 31. Can you believe I have to write about Thanksgiving flavored ice cream in May? Oh well, for now it’s back to Ethel. I’ve neglected her for too long again. At least I’m up to 1910!!



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