Winning awards for your books is an extra special moment and hearing your name or book title called is exciting. You feel recognition for something you spent so much time researching and writing.

This past weekend I attended the Will Rogers Medallion Award ceremony in Fort Worth, Texas where two of my books were up for awards. The Golden Elixir of the West won the bronze medal in the non-fiction category and my Tinsel, Tumbleweeds, and Star-Spangled Celebrations took a gold in the cookbook category. Needless to say I was and still and thrilled.

My fingers are crossed for Golden Elixir because it’s also entered in four other book awards, including the coveted James Beard Award.

For now, I’ll just bask in the glow of my medallions, and oh yeah, write more books.

As a bonus I discovered a new brand of some tasty whiskey. It’s called TX Whiskey made by Firestone & Robertson Distilling. It’s smooth with a hint of vanilla. I’m in love! Now, if they would only start selling it here in NC!



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