The Quest for Burger Buns

Let me start by saying my buns didn’t look like this on the inside. I was headed to one of my favorite burger places in Raleigh, Burger-Fi. But I knew I couldn’t have a traditional bun and was facing lettuce as a substitute. Now I don’t know who thinks that lettuce could ever replace a bun on a burger. Nope. Facing burger hell I tried to create a GF bun to take to the restaurant.

I found what looked to be a decent recipe. Photo looks good right? Since I don’t want to use Xanthan or Guar, which are both bad for you, I found a cool GF product by Pamela’s called Not Xanthan Not Guar (NXNG). It’s made of potato starch and psyllium husk. It’s also low in carbs.

I didn’t pay attention to the label and did a 1 for 1 sub. I should have reduced the NXNG. The recipe seemed to wet, but I continued on and popped them in the oven. They rose faster than a private when a general enters the room! I was excited. Yep, real buns for my burger experience. An hour later I took them, but when I cut into them, they are super sticky. Even though my buns weren’t deflated, I was.

I baked them longer, but it didn’t help. Desperate for a bun the next day, I scooped out all the gooey dough and popped the halves in the oven to dry out. Okay, not my idea of a bun, but better than lettuce.

I placed them in a bag and took them to the restaurant. Once there, I ordered my burger with no bun, which is an option at Burger-Fi. I then went to the table and placed my large purse on the table to shield my actions. I looked around and when no one was looking I slipped the juicy burger onto by hollowed out bun.

Well, it wasn’t a luscious, doughy bun by any means, but it sure wasn’t lettuce either. I kept saying to my poor husband, “it’s not terrible, right? Better than lettuce?” He just kept shaking his head and said, “I suppose.”

Tonight I’m making shrimp patties and am taking a shot at another bun recipe. I will snap pics of these and with any luck I won’t be scooping out dough!

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