NAET and California Madams

Last time I posted about a possible SALs reaction and having found an acupuncturist and NAET specialist. I’ve had three treatments so far and other than slowly getting my sense of smell back I don’t see any difference. But then again I haven’t been tempting fate by eating foods that could trigger a reaction.

During the NAET testing I learned my body didn’t like Vitamin C, Sugars, or Vitamin A. Next week we test for SALs. It may seem odd, but I get it. Most SALs have all those other components in them, so we’re clearing away the intolerance to those first, so the SALs (if positive) will go away easier. Kind of like pulling support from a tall building so it will collapse easier.

I also had an upper endoscopy that showed my eosinophils are around 100 in my lower esophagus, which means inflammation. I have to take a PPI, which I don’t like and causes bone loss, or have my lower esophagus close up again. My plan is to take one for 4 weeks and also use natural products to assist long term. I just read that people with low Vitamin D seem to have similar issues…weird. I plan on taking mine religiously now.

As for the writing, I’m still struggling, so I take it out on my poor blog. I’m hoping some trips planned out west in May and June will inspire me.

On an up note–my California Madams book will be out by the end of this year!

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