Back in the Writer’s Saddle

I’m finally back in my writer’s saddle again! Well, sort of. But first, an update on my SALs and food issue saga. I had another NAET treatment on Monday and this one was for SALs and benzoates. I had a serious flare because Easter dinner had a lot of SALs foods, so it was perfect timing.

The one thing that continues to improve is my sense of smell, which is a blessing and a curse. You get the good and the bad!

I also had a free consult with a health/Ayurvedic specialist to learn about my Dosha (mind-body type). Yeah, I know, it’s getting out there, but when you feel like crap you open your mind to options. Ayurveda is a science of life (Ayur = life, Veda = science or knowledge) and was developed by ancient sages of India. I have to take a quiz to see what my Dosha is so I can work on my diet and other habits.

Now, back to my writer life. I was feeling overwhelmed and getting distracted by all these food issues, but decided yesterday enough was enough. I’ve got a good handle of what I’m trying to fix, so all day yesterday I worked on finding an agent or publisher for Ethel. She has been waiting ten long years for her story to be told.

When I first wrote the story it was a hot mess of pure facts. After suggestions from an editor and many rewrites, I am super pleased with it. It’s a narrative non-fiction book called, Loves, Lies, and Loss Across Two Continents. I’ve talked about her before, so won’t go into details again. Other than to say her story is truly about a Victorian woman who followed proper etiquette, but didn’t give a hoot about breaking it when she needed to. She also made some decisions she probably wished should could have taken back, but she lived with them, and enjoyed her life the best she could. Amen sister!

I found an agent who appears to want all that Ethel has to offer, but who knows. Her response time is about eight long weeks. I’m sending to some other agents as well. I’m working on that again today.

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