Unusual Times

The world as we knew it is over–at least temporarily. We’ve all been dealing with Covid-19 in various ways in these unusual times. I’ve been trying to keep on writing and researching, but get easily distracted with the news, changes in lifestyle, and helping others.


When I wasn’t feeling creative I chose to bring some laughter into my world by creating some funny notebooks on Amazon and even created some funny narrative cat videos. My cat Hobbs Monahan actually made the local paper because of it!  I also started sharing some retro cookie recipes on my Instagram page. I think that’s out of my system, but who knows.


I’m back at work on my next book, Historic Foods of America: Recipes from Hotels and Restaurants. It’s pretty much together, but I’m finalizing recipes and the format. Next up is finding the best publisher, which might require an agent. I’ve never used one before, but it might be time. I also have my Ethel book and for those of you who follow know I’m talking about An Improper Victorian.  I’ve given serious thought to publishing her on Amazon because of timing–she lived and saved her grandson during the 1918 Pandemic.


Well, thanks for reading and I hope to do this more often…


Stay safe!

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