Pandemic 2020

The pandemic is still raging on and it’s July 2020. We all should have known something bad was coming when Trump stopped air traffic from Europe months ago. I don’t think any of us expected this. Life is on hold as we know it and I wonder what the fall brings. I pray for only good news.


Despite all the hate being highlighted on the news and social media, I have been blessed to see a kinder side of Americans. My current project is allowing me to interview people across the country with a common theme (I’ll share that soon). I’ve been in touch with over 50 people and only one was mean. Everyone, from various walks of life, are being as positive as they can be. They’re looking for the silver lining in all these clouds and it makes me feel hopeful.


Oh yeah, the nightly pandemic porch cocktails don’t hurt either! Just about every night I whip something up with various ingredients. Kind of like Chopped, but with cocktails. You can check them out on my Instagram page.


Cheers for now and I hope you can find something positive, too.

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