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Rocky, but Inspired Start

I got back from a trip to Denver on Saturday and ended up with tonsillitis and likely the flu. Despite that, I am still working on Ethel. She really wants her story told!   I've been enjoying reading through and looking at all the documents I've collected. My cousin and I took a trip to England and few years ago to research Ethel. I met her great granddaughter, Elizabeth. She was a caterer and treated us to some amazing food and gin and tonics. I told her what I learned about her family and she shared some fun and interesting tidbits. Her photos were awesome. I reached out to her today and now I really am inspired, despite being sick.   This is an illustration of Ethel from 1898.      

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Blogger vs Author

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog, but with the creation of my new website, I’ve decided to start up again. No promises on how often it will be, but my goal is once a week. I’ve pushed so hard over the last few months to meet multiple deadlines so I’m taking the rest of the year off! Well, okay, that’s what? 44 days? I do still have a magazine column for True West due December 7, so not completely off. Oh yeah, did I mention I still have to find photos for my California Madam book by the end of November? Wait, did I say I was taking off? I also want to start working on my next book called, Love, Lies, and Loss Across Two Continents, which is a narrative non-fiction. So that’s my first blog, but hopefully not my last.

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